The Longest Continuously Active
High School Club In the Nation.

A voluntary Fresno High School Senate Alumni Board has met regularly since the 1980's. The Board reviews all matters important to the support of the active Fresno High School Senate club including: the Annual Senate Banquet, the maintenance of a scholarship fund, the granting of annual scholarships to graduating active senators, the distribution of periodic newsletters to alumni ("The Senator") and all other matters that may come before the Board to protect and preserve the traditions of the Fresno High School Senate.

The Alumni Board consists of the following honorary senators for 2016-2017.  Their main roles are indicated.  


Herbert Boro - 1965 (Chair; web site administrator)

Robert Boro - 1967 (Memorabilia coordinator)

Cathryn Dossetti - past and active POTUS (2003-2007; 2015-?)

Austin T.D. Hall - 2010 (at-large)

Rebecca Horwitz - 2009 (assistant web site administrator)

Herbert (Bert) I. Levy - 1970 (at-large)

Tom Marsella - 1958 (at-large)

Debby McCann (past POTUS; Secretary)

John Moffat - 1969 (Treasurer)

Kyra Orgill - active POTUS since 2010; past President gavel/memorabilia Chambers cabinets display

Larry Salinas - 1980 (at-large)

Elisa Torres-Messing - ex officio (Principal of Fresno High School)


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