The Longest Continuously Active
High School Club In the Nation.

The Fresno High School Senate club (FHS Senate) was established in 1890, modeled after the United States Senate. The FHS Senate membership was for boys only until the late 1970’s when girls were added to the membership. The FHS Senate is primarily a debate club governed by Roberts Rules of Order and the FHS Senate Levy Handbook of Tradition. Weekly on-campus meetings follow an organized agenda, and detailed minutes are maintained as a permanent record of club proceedings. Boys are required to wear ties, and girls are required to wear dresses or skirts.

The Fresno High School Principal appoints 1-2 volunteer faculty sponsors annually or longer, and they are given the title of President of the United States (POTUS). Sponsors attend all meetings on campus to preserve decorum, to preserve traditions and to provide other guidance when needed.

Admission to the FHS Senate requires a majority vote of the body for academically qualified candidates, sponsored by an active member of the club. Candidates must attend at least three club meetings and present a speech to complete the application process. Upon club admission, a U.S. state is permanently assigned to the new senator, and he/she is invited to declare a political party preference.

The FHS Senate contributes to the community – Since 2005 FHS Senators have provided docent services for an annual Historic Home Tour in the Fresno High School neighborhood as well as Holiday food and/or clothing drives.

The FHS Senate sponsors a number of annual events (check the annual events tab on the Home Page) including a Thanksgiving actives/alumni touch football game, a winter formal dance and others.

The FHS Senate Alumni, in collaboration with the FHS Senate active membership and Faculty sponsors present an Annual Senate Banquet. This has convened in the spring of each year off campus and is self-funded. A traditional agenda is maintained including a featured Speaker of local or regional prominence, Roll Call speeches by all in attendance moderated by a Master-of-Ceremonies invited by the Alumni Board. The Annual Banquet that coincides with twenty-five year anniversary intervals is celebrated in a larger venu with more celebration and attendance than usual. The 125th Annual Banquet is planned for Saturday, March 28, 2015.

For Historical details regarding 1890-1990, please click the "Archives" tab on the home page and open "Banquets...1990." The Centenniel Banquet of 1990 contains significant historical details of the preceding century as well as associated information of major interest.

A summary of FHS Senate history from 1990 to the present is in progress.

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